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Hello and welcome to my blog,  

Let me guess... you have a passion for platters and are giddy for grazing.  Yes, I said it, 'giddy' for grazing!  Actually the truth is, I needed a word to express excited for grazing and not that many words start with 'g' that reflects being excited about grazing.   

So 'giddy' it is!

In fact, it seems we have all gone giddy for grazing and passionate about platters.  It's a fun, entertaining way to bring family and friends together to, let's admit it... eat large amounts of decadent 'charcuterie' and savory 'fromage', all while hopefully enjoying a wonderful glass of wine.

If we are being totally honest, before any of us were designing platters and creating grazing tables we were all gathered around the deli counter getting cheese and cold cuts for our lunches the following day.  How wonderful it is now that we use the terms, charcuterie and fromage and how they have taken their rightful place as the grand centerpiece to all our gatherings.  Don't you just love saying - "charcuterie & fromage" - I know I do!

That's why I created my savory platters blog site.  A place where I can share, with you, my passion for styling platters, getting giddy building a graze, entertaining with family and friends, traveling to fun food destinations, shopping for decorative pieces, trying new recipes and providing information on all things... let's say it together - "Charcuterie and Fromage!"

However, before I go any further, I would like to introduced myself.  Hi, I am Lora of savory platters and I am so happy - actually I am 'giddy' that you are joining me on this journey into the blogging world!  I should begin by telling you just how I found this new passion of mine.  Since moving to California, I didn't know if I was going to do as much entertaining as I did in the past.  You see, every holiday, birthday or get together would be an event in our house with family and friends, but when we moved to San Diego we didn't know anyone and were pretty much on our own. That did not last for long!  We have been very fortunate to make so many new friends here that they have become part of our family. Now when family and friends come to visit us from back home, I always make one day of their trip as a 'meet and greet' with our new California family.  Putting a big platter of fresh fruits, vegetables and of course... 'charcuterie and fromage', has become a big hit!  The kitchen is the heart of our home and my platters take center stage at our kitchen island.  This is the perfect place for us to gather together, share stories, get to know one another and... EAT!  I get so much joy seeing the excitement on our family and friends face's when they see a large platter filled with an abundance of food waiting for them to enjoy.  That's when a fun, creative, entertaining, hobby eventually turned into -  savory platters!  


Now, I have an opportunity to share all my platters, grazing tables and entertaining ideas with you!  My hope is that my blog site will encourage you to create beautiful platters, design gorgeous grazing tables, celebrate life's events, explore wonderful places the world has to offer,  but most importantly to inspire you to bring your family and friends together and celebrate the good times with great food while creating lasting memories.


let's celebrate the fun of boarding and graze building



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