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Autumn Splendor Friendsgiving Grazing Table

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

An Autumn splendor grazing table to celebrate Friendsgiving!

Since moving to California, we have adopted a new tradition for Thanksgiving - Friendsgiving!

The one holiday that Canadians and Americans celebrate separately is Thanksgiving. For us that just means - double the FUN and double the FOOD! How lucky we are to now celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year!

Originally from Canada, I had the wonderful task of hosting our Friendsgiving first. This year I created a grazing table that reflected a farmer's market bountiful with the splendor of an Autumn harvest.

We are so lucky to be blessed with wonderful friends here in California and this was our way of saying - Thanks for being our friends!

Country - Farmhouse Theme

For our Friendsgiving table, I decided to take the party outdoors. Our rustic salvaged wood table was ideal to create the country, farmhouse look.

For the grazing table, I decided to use golden tone woods for my platters and raisers. A small wine barrel, a blonde mango paddle board and a reclaimed wood long board along with a variety of seasonal dishes were the bases for the grazing table.

Here are some of the decor pieces I used to put the look together;

  • 1 large and 1 small crate

  • Galvanized farm buckets

  • Wine bottle as vases

  • Baskets

  • Long rustic wood

  • Rustic dough bowl

  • Candles are a must!

A very simple decor centerpiece is using inexpensive glass vases and placing dried goods inside them.

I came across colored bow tie pasta in a moss green, golden yellow and ivory. I just loved the color combination so much that I purchased them and layered the pasta bow ties inside a rectangular vase.

In the larger rectangular vase I layered holiday potpourri that added a lovely scent to the table while the deep red of cranberries are beautiful in a cylinder vase to add that pop of color.


A couple of days before our Friendsgiving celebration, I place all the platters, paddle boards, long boards and decor items that I will be using on the day of our gathering. Setting up beforehand gives you an overall picture of what your grazing table will look like and it helps decided on food placement. When your planning a graze on a large table but don't have a large number of guest attending, preparing individual platters is easier and gives the table an abundance look. You can then fill up the empty spaces with floral and decor pieces.

Don't worry if you change your layout the day of the event, it is only to be used as a planning guide so when you set up the actual day you will know where everything goes. It makes the process easier and faster.

Friendship Grazing Table

Let's take a look at the different areas of the Friendsgiving grazing table, the platters, the food and the decorations!

Wine Barrel Platter - Briganti botti dal 1800

Autumn season is wine season!

During one of my shopping expeditions, I came across two exquisite handcrafted wine barrel trays. From Italy, the company Briganti srl, have been producing wood barrels since the 1800's. Just looking at them I knew they would make incredible charcuterie platters. For the Friendsgiving gathering, I chose my small barrel tray and showcased a beautiful brie and a Merlot BellaVitano cheese. No wine barrel would be complete without a Merlot BellaVitano, a wine soaked cheese. A glass dome not only protects the cheese, but is adds a nice finishing touch.

If you don't have a real wine barrel top, you can definitely find online barrel trays that will give you the same look! Another option is a round wood tray, all of these options will definitely work.

Wine Barrel Platter

Cheese and Fruit Platter:

1. Brie with figs and honeycomb squares

2. Merlot BellaVitano

3. Tri-color Grapes

Crudites & Cheese Platters

A small riser holds the following:

Cheese Platter:

1. Goat Cheese

2. Fresh Figs

3. Cranberry Artisan Crackers

A platter that features, in the center, the word 'Gather' was the bases for my small crudities platter. Placing vegetables and fruits around the word 'Gather' for guests to see is a nice touch.

Crudites Platter

1. Purple Caulifloer

2. Strawberries

3. Star Fruit

4. Radishes

5. Asparugus

6. Le Petites Color Carrots

7. Crisps & Fig Chutney for the Goat Cheese

8. Edible Flower

Charcuterie Long Board Platter

Charcuterie Long Board:

1. Genoa Salame

2. Capocollo

3. Prosciutto and Mozzarella Rolls

4. Mediterranean Olives

5. Pear & Pear Slices

6. Small Red Peppers stuffed with Mozzarella Balls

7. Milton's Multigrain Gluten Free Crackers

Appetizer Paddle Board

Appetizer Paddle Board:

1. Mushroom Truffle Dip

2. Bruschetta Dip

3. Hummus

4. Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese

5. Honeycomb

6. Kiwifruit Flower

7. Cornichon Pickles

8. Color Tomatoes & Mozzarella Ball Skewers

9. Tri-Color Mini Peppers

10. Artichoke Hears

11. Rustic Tomatoes

12 . Endive

13. Treviso Radicchio

14. Star Fruit

15. Edible Flowers

16. Truffle Breadsticks

Wine Service!

Bringing a look together doesn't just stop with the grazing table. Carrying the theme to other areas, like a drink area or a dessert table is important - consistency is key to an overall look!

For the adults, I set up a bar where wine was served. Small whiskey tabletop barrels acted for wine barrels and a wine box I had purchased with a lovely grape pattern frame the look.

Maple Leaf Cookies + Mom's Apple Crumble Pie = A Sweet Life

No matter how large a grazing table is, everyone leaves room for dessert. What better way to represent both Canada and America with sweet treats that they are famous for.

Nothing says Canada more than maple syrup and of course no Thanksgiving would be complete without an apple pie. A quick trip to Julian, California to the popular pie shop which is perfectly named - Mom's for our apple crumble pie and a quick trip to Trader Joe's who sell a Maple Leaf cookie that comes from Canada!

S'mores is always a big hit with the kids and a few nibble treats like pumpkin pretzels and chocolate crisps for those you just wanted a little treat.

I look forward to next week, when our friends here will be hosting their American Thanksgiving...and you know I will be bringing a small platter for the celebrations!


I had a so much fun putting together and hosting my Friendsgiving party with an Autumn splendor grazing table for our friends.



Let's take a look at more of my Autumn Splendor Grazing Table



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