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Brie Still My Heart!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts

Valentine platters that are sure to win over your sweethearts - HEART!

The best gift one can receive is a gift from the heart! For Valentine's Day give your sweetheart a beautiful charcuterie platter that makes them feel like the King of your Heart or Queen of your Heart!

Your sweetheart is sure to be surprise when you give them a Valentine's Day charcuterie platter that you made yourself.

Follow my EASY step-by-step instructions to build 1 or both platters!

  • Perfect as a gift for your sweetheart

  • Share as a couples platter

  • Makes for a fun platter to surprise your kids to enjoy!

Slate Cheese Board

To build a King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts, I found that slate cheese boards are perfect for the look of a playing card. The slate cheese boards I used are 12" x 18". Slate cheese boards are easy to find like on Amazon or home good shops.

King and Queen of Hearts Shopping List

You will need to purchase a few items ahead of time to build your platter/s.

Shopping List

The supplies below are to make the couples platter, however you can make an individual platter for your sweetheart if you wish!

Board - 2 x Slate Cheese boards 12" x 18" to build the couples King and Queen of Hearts

Supplies - 2 x Cream Placemats, King and Queen crown cookie cutters, Heart cookie cutter, Paper doilies, Jumbo playing cards

Cheese - Brie wheel, Pepper Jack cheese slices

Meats - Dry Salami

Crackers - Valley Lavash Heart crackers,

Bakery - Vanilla and Chocolate Pizzelle

Fruits - Strawberries, Raspberries

Dried Goods & Sweets - M & M's Fun Size Hearts, M & M's Milk Chocolate, Dried Rose Petals

Prep time!

Thoroughly wash your fruit before you begin and let them dry.

  • Make 3 Strawberry Flowers - You will find how to make 'Strawberry Flowers' in my Food Prep section of my blog

  • Cookie cutters: Prepare the Brie Heart by pushing a heart shaped cookie cutter through the Brie. You will be using both the wheel and heart cut out on your platter.

  • Make Pepper Jack cheese slice crowns and hearts. Pepper Jack cheese has a nice red pepper flake and adds a bit of spiciness!

Let's Begin...

  • Lay your cream placemat down where you wish to set up your platter/s. Place your slate cheese board on top. The cream placemat acts as a frame for your platter.

  • Place your slate boards side-by-side if you are making both of them.

  • Place your paper doilies in the center of your slate cheese board.

Platter Layout

Use the images as your guide!

Step 1: Open the M&M's fun package and separate the hearts and place them at either end of the board.

Step 2: Add Vanilla Pizzelle on the Queen of Hearts board and the Chocolate Pizzelle on the King of Hearts board.

Step 3: Place the heart Brie on the Queen of Hearts board and the wheel of Brie with the heart cut out on the King of Hearts board

Step 4: Place Valley Lavash Heart crackers around your paper doilies.

Step 5: Place your Queen and King Pepper Jack crowns on your board. Like a playing card, make sure one crown is facing upward while the other is facing downward.

Step 6: Queen of Hearts: Add Strawberry flowers

Step 7: King of Hearts: Fill the heart cut out with raspberries

Step 9: Take 6 x salami rounds by folding them in 1/2, then 1/4. Gather together all 6 salami folds and place them around the Brie heart and Brie wheel.

Step 9: Turn over the plastic M&M's hearts containers and fill them with M&M's chocolates.

Step 10: Add your Pepper Jack hearts on the Pizzelle

Step 10: As a final touch sprinkle dried rose petals on your Brie hearts!

A gift from your Heart!

King and Queen of Hearts - Valentine Charcuterie Boards

Wishing you all the love...

Happy Valentine's Day

Lora xoxo


***If you build the King / Queen of Hearts platters, please send a photo!

You will find me on instagram @ savoryplatters

Love to see it and will give a shout out ;)

Visit my 'Product Feature' Page to learn where to buy: Valley Lavosh Heart Crackers

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