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Escape To San Francisco

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Exploring San Francisco - One famous food sight at a time!

Welcome to my first blog! I am so excited to be sharing my experiences of designing platters, creating grazing tables, trying new recipes, searching for decorative pieces and documenting my fun food travels.

This summer I had the opportunity to visited San Francisco. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my trip with all of you.

Celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary, my husband and I wanted to do a family getaway. When we were deciding on a city to see, just for a weekend, there was no question in my mind where we were going... San Francisco! With amazing sights to see and foods to taste, I was packed and ready to go! I did a little bit of research before we left and I have to say the one thing that made San Francisco the ideal place for us to visit is everything I read about the city - it was very 'Dog Friendly'. With our little London in tow (she's our 11 year old Malshi), we set off on a 9 hour drive to the Bay City area.

3 days, with our 2 kids and our London - this amazing city did not disappoint!

1st stop... Fisherman's Wharf!

After a long drive, the first thing on all our minds was FOOD!!! Being of Italian heritage, we always try to find an Italian restaurant for lunch. The first place we came across was Alioto's Restaurant at Pier 39. In business for 90 years, it is the oldest family owned restaurant in San Francisco and you can was Italian. We decided on pizza, ordering a Margherita and Chicken pesto pizza, which was amazing.  However, when I thought I was all done I saw a plate of fries that caught my eye!  Even though I had just finished my pizza, I couldn't resist to order a side dish of their 'truffle thick cut fries'. If you are ever down by the Wharf in San Francisco, check out Alioto's and order the fries... highly recommended!

Next Stop... Boudin! The Original San Francisco Sourdough Bakery (Since 1849)

Located at Fisherman's Wharf, the Boudin Bakery is a must see for all! I love Sourdough bread (Mother dough as its called) and exploring their bakery was so much fun. They make lovely loaves of breads, but it is their sourdough teddy bears, crabs and turtles that are just oh so cute.  If you have the chance to visit Boudin Bakery, take a tour and don't leave without picking up a few gifts from their boutique to bring home... you know I did!

Say... CHEESE!!! The Cheese School of San Francisco

I just couldn't wait to get to The Cheese School of San Francisco! I wanted to check out this place since I started putting my platters together. It is located in the famous Ghirardelli Square. You can take a cheese class, dine in their cafe or explore their gift shop! With kids and dog in tow, I didn't have time to take a class...but I did look at their cheese selection, talked to the staff about their classes and of course... did a little shopping!

GOLD RUSH!!! Ghirardelli Chocolate

More like a Sugar Rush! Anyone who has had Ghirardelli Chocolates will admit its like finding GOLD... sweet & savory chocolate gold! Visiting Ghirardelli Square, I could not leave without purchasing a bag of their chocolates. I didn't only go once, but twice to this famous sight. You can't miss the large 'Ghirardelli' sign - it was constructed to welcome ships passing through the Golden Gate Strait, but it has become a landmark for all chocolate lovers. The sea salt caramel chocolate squares are my favourite! I was a little nervous at first bringing London into the shop, but the staff where more than welcoming and she even got her picture taken with the cutest teddy bears.

Picnic in the Park! - The Painted Ladies

I wasn't going to leave San Francisco without putting a little picnic platter together. We found the perfect spot, with a great view. Sitting in Alamo Park, we enjoyed our lunch while taking in the beauty of the 'Painted Ladies', a row of pastel painted homes as they are famously called. I brought along a few of the items I had purchased from the shops we visited and added them to our picnic. It is a busy park, so get there early if you want a nice view.

It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon when we left this amazing city. As the saying goes, "I left my heart in San Francisco." Well, I did! This city not only captured my heart but it left a huge imprint on it.

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