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Autumn Hues

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

There is a plentitude of Autumn hues on a rustic Acacia platter to celebrate Thanksgiving!

The other day when I was shopping I came across this beautiful rustic Acacia wood bark tray. The minute I saw it, I was inspired to build a platter to celebrate all the Autumn hues of home.

Growing up in Ontario, Canada the one season I could not wait for was Fall. The

change in season would fill the trees with an abundance of bright oranges, golden yellows and crisp cherry reds. These colors graced Ontario during the early Autumn months of October.

As you can see from this platter, I was inspired to added fruits and vegetables that reflected those Autumn colors. I hope you will be inspired to create this Autumn Hues platter. It's perfect for Thanksgiving!

Shopping List

Let's take a look at the items you will need to build this Autumn Hues Platter!

Shopping List

Fruits - Red Grapes, Green Grapes, Dark Grapes, Vine Tomatoes, Rainbow Tomatoes, Macintosh Apple, Plum

Vegetables - Asparagus, Striped Holland Bell Pepper, Carrots, Pumpkins

Cheese - Smoked Gouda Cheese, Drunken Goat Cheese, Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese

Meats - Prosciutto and Mozzarella Rolls

Crackers - Milton's Crackers - Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Fire Roasted, Multigrain

Condiments - Pickles, Olives

Herb & Floral - Rosemary, Sage

Let's begin...

The board is approximately 17" x 12". The beauty of this tray is the exposed bark on the sides that framed my platter.

I always start by lining the base of my platters to protect the wood from staining and it makes for an easy clean up. Whatever is not eaten, roll up into the food grade paper and toss. Always lightly wash your boards afterwards with mild soap and warm water. Dry quickly afterwards!

Platter Layout

Use the images as your guide!

Step 1: Select a large and small pumpkin and place on your board. This will act as the centerpiece to your platter. Place 2 bowls on your platter as they will hold your olives and pickles.

Step 2: Begin with your grapes. Cluster the tri-colored grapes beside the pumpkins. Place vine tomatoes in the top righthand corner of your platter.

Step 3: Let's add the cheese. Pre-slice your Drunken goat cheese into triangles and place them down in a staggered pattern. Cut a small triangular slice from your Gouda cheese and place it on top. Place your round Gouda beside your vine tomatoes.

Step 4: Place the Prosciutto and Mozzarella Rolls in the lower righthand corner of your platter.

Step 5: Cut the top from the top of 1 striped Holland pepper and clean out. Cut the 2nd pepper into strips. Place the strips inside your pepper bowl and add it to the corner of your platter.

Step 6: Fill in your rainbow tomatoes among the vine tomatoes.

Step 8: Place asparagus beside your pepper. Then place a row of Fire Roasted Crackers to the Drunken Goat cheese and the Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers beside the grapes.

Step 9: The Multigrain Crackers place beside the asparagus in a curved shape.

Step 10: Slice into cubes Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese and cluster beside your grapes. Add a Macintosh Apple, Nectarine and small bunches of grapes to the platter.

Step 9: Fill bowls with olives and pickles!

Step 10: Fill in spaces with Dried Carrots, Dried Mandarines and Dried Sliced Oranges.

Garnish with Rosemary and Sage - Your Autumn Hues Platter is ready for guests!

Throwback... Road trip to the East Coast!

When I think of Autumn, I think of my trip to the East Coast. This particular trip takes me back! My husband and I decided to fly out to explore the East Coast in early October over a long weekend. This was before we had kids!

We began our road trip in Bathurst, New Brunswick. We drove along the coast, taking in all the sights before making our way to see The Giant Lobster. From their we crossed the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island to see the famous Anne of Green Gables. The small village shops are perfect to pick up souvenirs. WE made our way back over Confederation Bridge heading for Nova Scotia to see Peggy's Cove.

Looking back I wish I had taken so many photos, but that was a time when you had to purchase rolls of film and have them developed. I guess there is something to be said about modern technology. However, the photos I did take still captured the Autumn hues of the East Coast, and I will never forget this amazing trip!

Explore all the wonderful places our world has to offer!

Lora xoxo

Visit my Product Feature page to learn: Where to buy Milton's crackers used on my Autumn Hues platter!

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What a beautiful blog! Loved the pictures & your instructions made it so simple to try!

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