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A Time To Gather!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

An Autumn Platter designed to gather together with your family and friends during the Fall season!

It's AUTUMN! That time of year when we enjoy the robust, savory flavors and heartier foods of the fall season. It's a time when our platters and grazing tables are brimming with the abundance of wonderful harvest fruits and vegetables.

We begin switching gears from our platters being filled with fruits that are light and refreshing to fruits that are tart and pungent in flavor.

To kick off the Autumn season, I am sharing with you my new Autumn Platter. This platter will bring together all the vibrant colors we find during the autumn season.

This is a simple fruit platter that you can build for your family and friends.

Autumn's Platter Palette

As a first of many platters that I will be building during the Autumn months, I have designed a fruit platter to kick off the Autumn season. For this Autumn Platter, I have selected fruit colors in warm shades of yellow, orange, plum and red. For some texture, we will be adding golden rustic crackers, dark chocolates and salted nuts.

Mango Wood Platter

When selecting your platters, keep in mind the feeling you want to create, as it will be the bases when setting the mood of your gathering or event. During the Autumn months, using slightly darker, heavier, rustic woods will create that farmhouse charm that is associated with harvest time.

I love the look of Mango wood for the fall season and this particular 17" round platter has a rustic, vintage, weathered finish in a grey-brown color. The platter is set on a turntable that allows guests ease of access to all areas of the platter with a simple spin of the tray.

Autumn Shopping List

I have provided a shopping list of the fruits, crackers and sweets you will need to build the platter. If you see a fruit that is in season and want to add it, grab it! You can substitute, as you wish. Be creative!

Shopping List

Fruits - Small Pumpkin, 1 x Pear, 1 x Apple, 1 x Nectarine, 1 x Kiwifruit, 1 x Plum, Red Grapes, Green Grapes, Figs, Strawberries, Blackberries

Cheese - Smoked Gouda Cheese, Drunken Goat Cheese

Meats - Genoa Salame

Crackers - Cranberry Crackers, Pumpernickel Sticks, 2 x Heart Crackers

Bakery - Cranberry Scones (bite size), Pizzelle

Spread - Red Pepper Hummus

Dried Goods & Sweets - Chocolate Squares, Salted Nuts

Herb & Floral - Rosemary, Microgreen Arugula, Edible Flowers

Prep time!

Thoroughly wash your fruit before you begin and let them dry. There will be food items you will need to prepare before you get started building your platter.

  • Slice your Smoked Gouda into 1/2 moon cuts and your Drunken Goat Cheese into triangular cuts.

  • 1 nectarine - cut into slices

  • 1 plum - cut into slices

  • 1 fig - sliced into halves

  • 1 kiwifruit into kiwifruit flowers

  • Pre-cut a food grade paper to the size of your platter

Let's Begin...

  • Place the food grade paper in the bottom of your platter. Food grade paper will protect your platter from stains caused by fruits. Add your small pumpkin, a pear and a apple together into a cluster which will be the centerpiece of your platter

  • Place 2 bowls on either side of the centerpiece and 1 additional bowl in the back

Platter Layout

Use the images as your guide!

Step 1: Sliced Smoked Gouda and Drunken Goat Cheese

Step 2: Rosemary

Step 3: Genoa Salame folded in halves

Step 4: Cranberry Crackers, Pumpernickel Sticks

Step 5: Red Grapes

Step 6: Green Grapes

Step 7: Figs & Sliced Figs

Step 8: Slices Nectarines

Step 9: Pizzelle, Cranberry Scones

Step 10: Kiwifruit Flowers

Step 11: Plum Slices (beside the Gouda Cheese)

Step 12: Strawberries

Step 11: Pepper Hummus, Salted Nuts, Chocolate Squares (in bowls)

Step 12: Microgreen Arugual, Edible Flowers

More to come...

I can't say it enough, how much I love the Autumn season! There are definitely more savory platters to come to celebrate this wonderful season... this is only the beginning!

Would love to see your Autumn platters!

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