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High Charcu-Tea!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Grab your BOARD'ing Pass because we are going to... ENGLAND!

It is time for tea, High Charcu-Tea!

An English garden inspired, build your own tea sandwich board that can be enjoy at your next tea party with family and friends!

It's time to Par-Tea!

... welcome to the third board in my travel series - A Board'ing Pass to food destinations.

This week we are checking in - to England!

I've created a board with a fun twist where your guest get to make their own English tea sandwiches. Follow my step-by-step instructions on how to build a high charcu-tea sandwich board'

So, grab your board'ing pass as we take off for ENGLAND!

High Charcu-tea board

The Thames and Big Ben in London

I cherish my English heritage. Growing up, I was surrounded by all things British, from the food my mother served at meal time, to the bowls she would use to bake with, to the tea we would share together in the afternoons. In my next blog, I will be sharing with you more about myself and exploring more about England and my most cherished 'English' family treasure with all of you but for now we will continue with our English board.

When we hear the words 'high tea', our first thoughts often go to fancy teacups, delicately made bite size sandwiches, and plates filled with dainty desserts. In England, this is called afternoon tea, which is quiet different from high tea. High tea is usually served between 5pm and 7pm, to be enjoyed at the end of a long work day. Instead of serving tea in a proper cup and saucer, tea can be served in a mug along with cold meats, cheese and crackers, vegetables and fruitcakes. For our 'build your own high charcu-tea board' we are going to incorporate both afternoon tea and high tea servings which reflects an English garden.

Let's begin...

Putting it together!

Serving: 4 - 8 people

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Items you will need:

Meats: ham

Cheese: cheddar

Bread & Crackers: wafer crackers, english muffins, white bread

Fruits & Berries: plum, apple, blackberries, raspberries

Vegetables: cucumbers

Bakery: orange & cranberry scones, shortbread cookies

Spreads: egg salad, cream cheese, strawberry

Greens & Herbs: dill, edible flowers, dried rose petals


To begin you will need to prepare your items before boarding:

  1. Slice your white bread (remove the crust) into halves

  2. Slice your english muffin into quarters

  3. Fold your ham in half and then roll into a rosette

  4. Slice cheddar cheese slices in halves

  5. Peel cucumber skin and then make thin cucumber slices

  6. Make your favorite egg salad recipe

  7. Create a plum rose

Tea Sandwich Layout

Begin with approximately a 13" paddle board.

Step 1: Place a medium size bowl and a small bowl on your board, as shown above. I used my Mason Cash measuring bowls.

Step 2: Fill your bowls. The medium bowl with your egg salad spread and the small bowl with cream cheese spread. Place sprigs of dill!

The Original Mason Cash Bowls

Loved by all bakers around the world - these earthware bowls have a rich and long history in Britain dating back to 1800's

They were the perfect touch for my English garden inspired board!

Step 3: Along the side of your board add your bite size bread pieces.

Step 4: Fan your cheddar cheese, as shown.

Step 5: Stand up the triangular pieces of English muffins.

Step 6: Beside them, stand up your ham rolls.

Step 7: Following along the outline of the bread, fan your cucumber slices.

Step 8: Add wafer crackers.

Step 9: To celebrate the English rose carefully, place your plum rose on the board. Add a raspberry as a center.

Step 10: Fill with the scones and Walkers shortbreads.

Step 11: Add an apple at the top your platter, and fill in the empty spaces with your berries.

Step 12: A sprig of dill and edible flowers. Flowers are exactly what you would find in an English garden.

Step 13. Add a little pot of jam.

Step 14. Sprinkle with rose petals!

An English inspired garden for High Charcu-tea!

Tea Pairings!

Just like wine pairings, you can pair your tea with food

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Black tea - hearty foods

  • Green teas - vegetable dishes

  • White teas - light foods & desserts

  • Fruit teas - dessert & sweets

Cheerio from England!

until next time...

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1 commentaire

My girls would love this. Including my granddaughter. Who wouldn't. It's perfect. We mix two worlds, I cut off my crusts and he eats the entire loaf. :)

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