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The Tipsy Goat!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Drunken Goat Cheese

Yup, you heard it right... Drunken Goat Cheese!

What a great name, don't you think?

** No goats were tipsy in the making of the cheese ;)

Wine and Cheese Lovers - Rejoice!

The fact that wine and cheese have been brought together in the most AMAZING combination, Drunken Goat cheese graces almost every platter or grazing table I create.

Just as its name says, wheels of goat cheese are soaked in a red Doble Pasta (double paste) wine bath for 2-3 days and then aged for 2-3 months to create the beautiful purple rind. The saltiness of the goat cheese brings out the fruity flavor from the wine, and 'yes', you can eat the rind, if you wish.

If your not a fan of goat cheese, I do suggest to give this Drunken Goat a try!

Add a label with its name 'Drunken Goat Cheese' on your platters or grazing tables. It is sure to be a conversation starter and a big hit with your guests!  

Here are some fun facts about Drunken Goat Cheese:

  • Made from goat's milk

  • Spanish cheese

  • Semi - Soft cheese

  • A fruity, salty flavor from the wine paste

  • Color: Deep purple rind - Ivory inside

  • Nuts and fruits would compliment this mild cheese 

  • Pretty much pairs with any red wine... you can't go wrong!

  • Producer: El Pastor

To build this beautiful platter, visit my blog "Fall with Friends Platter" with the link in photo below!

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