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This Is A Gouda One!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Smoked Gouda Cheese


pronounced:  (g) h-ow-d

Finding the right cheese to reflect a cozy, warm feeling during the Autumn months was a bit of a challenge. However, when I was at my local farmers market, I came across a beautiful piece of Smoked Gouda.

Smoked Gouda is the perfect cheese to serve during the Autumn months for both its aroma and color. Its smokey hickory scent stimulates the senses that is reminiscent with wood burning fires on a crisp Fall evening while its butterscotch color and brown wax rind gives hint to the beautiful golden Autumn leaves hanging from tree branches.

With Oktoberfest in full swing, Smoked Gouda pairs nicely with beer/ale. Gouda is a Belgium cheese, however Germany has been making Gouda for well over 200 years and it is the country's most popular cheese. If you are planning an Oktoberfest party, Smoked Gouda is sure to be a hit!

Give this smokey flavored cheese a try, I promise you it will be a Gouda One! ;)

Here are some fun facts about Smoked Gouda:

  • Made from cow's milk

  • Dutch cheese

  • Semi - Hard cheese

  • Its smokey flavor is from hickory chips embers

  • Golden color

  • Nut and berry artisan crackers would compliment this rich cheese   

To build this beautiful platter, visit my blog "Autumn Platter" with the link in photo below!

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