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Graveyard Smash Taco Halloween Board

Fun for kids of all ages, a build your own Halloween spooky taco night board!

Halloween taco board
A Graveyard Smash Build Your Own Taco Board

If you feel like, someone is watching you! You're probably right :)

Taco Tuesday night just got even more fun, with a Halloween themed taco board. Your family and friends will get a kick out of this build your own taco board for Halloween.

I wanted this board to be super easy to build without taking a whole lot of prep work. It also had to be easy to assemble. With two jars of olives you can create a fun, spooky Halloween taco board.

Let's begin... don't be scared, they won't bite!

Putting it together!

Serving: 4 - 8 people

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Items you will need:

Meats: beef taco

Cheese: shredded Mexican cheese

Crackers & Chips: blue corn chips, trader joe's leaf nacho chips, naan bread

Fruits & Vegetables: red peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, frozen corn, 2 x mini pumpkins

Accompaniment: black olives, manzanilla olives

Spreads: guacamole, sour cream

Greens & Herbs: iceburg lettuce, cilantro

Party supplies: tombstone cookie cutter


To begin you will need to prepare some items before boarding:

  1. Tombstone naan bread: With your cookie cutter, cut out tombstones in your naan bread and place them on a baking sheet. Spread a little olive oil and sea salt on top of them and bake in the oven for 7 minutes at 350 degrees.

  2. Eyes: Slice manzanilla olives in half.

  3. Spiders: Taking a whole pitted black olive and slicing it in half. Place one half to the side for the body of the spider and slice the other half olive again making 4 olive strips. Repeat.

  4. Make your favorite beef taco mix, mexican corn and black bean dip. If you would like you can visit my blog called: 'It's a Taco and Tortilla Fiesta" for my recipes!

  5. Shred the iceburg lettuce, dice your red peppers, chop your cherry tomatoes and red onion.

  6. Guacamole spider: Fill a bowl with guacamole, then create circles in the guacamole with sour cream. For this small bowl, I made 2 circles and a dot in the center. Then with a toothpick, starting in the center pull the toothpick through the guacamole creating lines as shown.

Graveyard Smash Layout

You can select the size of board you wish to use (my oval platter is approximately 22") and you will need 6 bowls. Make your beef taco mix in an iron skillet so you can transfer it from the stove to the table, letting it cool first!

Step 1: To build the board, I begin by placing all my toppings into each bowl. Fill your bowls with your salsa, mexican corn, black bean dip, tomato and onions, red peppers and guacamole spider web.

Step 2: Place the bowls, as shown.

Step 3: Place two manzailla olives on top of the mexican corn, salsa and black bean dip.

Step 4: On the red peppers, tomato and onion bowls build little spiders from the black olives. 4 olive slices on either side and then a black olive half in the center to create the spider.

Step 5: Add your two mini pumpkins.

Step 6: Fill in with blue corn chips and the trader joe leaf chips.

Step 7: Cluster piles of the shredded mexican cheese beside the pumpkins to look like hay!

Step 8: The remaining empty space, fill in with your shredded iceburg lettuce.

Graveyard Skillet

Step 1: Place your beef taco mix, in its iron skillet, beside your taco board.

Step 2: Take your tombstones and place them upright into the beef taco mix.

Step 3: At each tombstone, add two olive eyes.

Step 4: Randomly place your olive spiders on top of the beef mix.

Step 13: Sprinkle a few pieces of cilantro.

Someone might be watching YOU!

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