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Spooktacular Halloween Board

Build a spooky, fun Halloween charcuterie board that is fill with an abundance of sweet treats that is sure not to turn your guest into skin and bones!

Proscuitto wrapped around a skeleton hand for Halloween
Spooky food fun - Skin and Bones!

Halloween is the one time of the year where you can get as spooky creative as you like. I love to find new ways to shock my guest with a piece that is truly scary.

For this years platter, I decided to create a creepy 'skin & bones' skeleton hand. Super easy to make, but terribly frightening to serve.

Hidden within the board are a few extra eerie treats that your guest are sure to enjoy. See if you can spot them! I know they will be able to see you ;)

Let's begin... if you dare?

Putting it together!

Serving: 4 - 8 people

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Items you will need:

Meats: prosciutto, spicy salami, genoa salami

Cheese: spicy pepper jack slices, mozzarella balls

Crackers & Chips: blue corn chips, beet crackers

Fruits: moon grapes, red apple, pomegranate seeds, medium size tomatoes, 3 x nectarines, blackberries

Accompaniment: black olives, manzanilla olives, dried cranberries

Spreads: guacamole, sour cream

Greens & Herbs: leafy greens

Candy: candy eyes, gummy worms

Party supplies: skeleton hand, little plastic spiders, little plastic skeleton bones, plastic mouse, plastic wrap

Cheese hatchet knife


To begin you will need to prepare some items before boarding:

  1. Skeleton hand: Wash your skeleton hand, then plan where you wish to wrap your prosciutto. Take a piece of plastic wrap and fold into a strip. Wrap the strip of plastic wrap around the part you want to cover with prosciutto. Repeat for all areas that you want to wrap. Once covered, then wrap strips of prosciutto on top of the plastic wrap making sure all the plastic is covered. For a creepy look, add a few little spiders to the hand.

  2. Broken & bleeding heart: Slice the red apple in half. Using only a half of the apple, make little slices as shown. Create the heart look by pushing each side of the apple upwards. Work the apple until you have a heart look.

  3. Cookie cutter bones: With your pre-sliced spicy pepper jack cheese laid out, using a bone shaped cookie cutter, cut out large and small bones.

  4. Monster eyeballs: Slice a couple of medium size tomatoes, then slice your mozzarella balls in half. Place the mozzarella half on top of the tomato slice. Wrap a strip of prosciutto around the mozzarella. Place a manzanilla olive slice in the center of the mozzarella ball to create the eye.

  5. Mini eyes: With black olive slices, put a candy eye in the center of them.

  6. Guacamole spider web: Fill a bowl with guacamole, then create circles in the guacamole with sour cream. For this small bowl, I made 2 circles and a dot in the center. Then with a toothpick, starting in the center pull the toothpick through the guacamole creating lines as shown.

  7. Make a salami heart. You can find the instructions under my blog section 'Food prep'.

Put everything off to the side, as we start boarding!

Spook-tacular Layout

Begin with approximately a 15" board.

Step 1: Begin with placing the leafy lettuce around the edge of the board, going all the way around.

Step 2: With two bunches of moon grapes, place them at opposite ends of the board.

Step 3: To the right top side of the board, place 3 nectarines together.

Step 4: The nectarines will hold the skeleton hand in place. Carefully place the hand on top of the nectarines.

Step 5: Next, taking your apple heart, place it to the left lower side of the board. Separate the heart in half, slightly opening the center of the heart.

Step 6: Take your spicy salami rounds, starting at the base of your heart, and lay them down going all the way to the edge of your board.

Step 7: Beside the heart, place your salami rose.

Step 8: Add your bowl, filled with guacamole, at the base of your board. Add blue corn chips around it, filling in the empty spot between the moon grapes and spicy salami.

Step 9: On either side of the skeleton hand, add your monster eyeballs, placing two monster eyeballs beside the apple heart.

Step 10: Take your cheese bones and place them on top of the blue corn chips and moon grapes.

Step 11: Add beet chips around the monster eyeball.

Step 12: Cluster blackberries at the top of the apple heart and place your mini eyeballs in between.

Step 13: Place a plastic mouse in front of the salami rose, holding a cheese bone in its hands. Add little plastic spiders on the hand and on the cheese bones.

Step 14: Add a few gummy worms.

Step 15. Fill the center of the heart with pomegranate seeds and place the cheese hatchet knife beside it. Add a little pomegranate juice to the knife!


  • Use the plastic spiders for photos and presentation only!

  • Make sure to remove anything that is not edible before your guest consume the board!

  • For food friendly: You can always make olive spiders instead of using the plastic spiders

Have a fun and safe Spooktacular time!

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