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Platter of Gold

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Follow the rainbow for a healthy treat that ends at a pot of gold this

St. Patrick's Day!

Roll out the barrel, and create a crudities platter that is sure to be your Lucky Charm this St. Patrick's Day!

Bring the luck of the Irish to your table and let's build a Platter of Gold crudities board that is sure to win you luck with your family.  

A healthy platter filled with an abundance of fruits and vegetables creates a colorful crudities to enjoy. 

Platter Information:

Servings: 8 - 10

Prep Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 20 mins

Platter of Gold Shopping List

Food items you will need to build your Platter of Gold crudities board!

Platter - 16" Round tray

Bakery - Yogurt Pretzels

Vegetables - Green Pepper, Leafy Lettuce, Celery, Broccoli

Fruits - Strawberries, Oranges, Mangos, Kiwifruits, Blueberries

Spreads - Hummus

Finger Food - Chickpeas

Platter Layout

Use the images as your guide

Begin with a 16" round tray. I chose to build my St. Patrick's Day Board in a rustic wood barrel. Line your tray with a piece of food grade paper.

Step 1: Place 4 large leaf lettuce at the bottom of your tray. This will set as the green landscape that Ireland is known for.

Step 2: Cut the top off of a green pepper and clean out. Place as shown, this will be your pot for the gold.

Step 3: Cluster white yogurt pretzels to create a cloud look, opposite from the green pepper.

Creating the Rainbow!

Step 4: Following the curve of your tray, begin with creating 3 rows of strawberry halves.

Step 5: Follow the curve of the strawberries, working inward, with orange slices.

Step 6: Follow the curve of oranges, place mango squares in a curve.

Step 7: Then add kiwifruit slices.

Step 8: Finish your rainbow with a row of blueberries.

Step 9: Create shamrocks with broccoli. See instructions below.

Broccoli Shamrocks!

Take 1 broccoli, keeping the stem about 1 1/2" in length. Then add 2 short broccoli clusters and place on either side of the longer broccoli to make a 3 leaf clover. Repeat to make 2 more and place as shown.

Step 8: The green fields of Ireland are created with celery sticks.

Step 9: Fill the green pepper with original hummus.

Step 10: Fill your pot of gold with gold nuggets - chickpeas!

St. Patrick's Day Crudities Board

The Luck of the Irish

Roll out the barrel, this party is sure to be fun!

A fun centerpiece for your St. Patrick's Day table


***If you build the 'Platter of Gold' Board please send a photo!

You will find me on instagram @ savoryplatters

Love to see it and will give a shout out ;)

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