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I'm Yours, For Valentine's!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Build a Valentine candy platter that your sweetheart is sure to love! xoxo

Who doesn't love getting sweets from their Sweetheart!

My easy to build, Valentine platter, is sure to win your sweethearts, heart! Filled with lots of sweet treats, why not gift yourself one too!

Follow my EASY step-by-step instructions to build 1 or both candy platters!

  • Perfect as a gift for your sweetheart

  • Share as a couples platter

  • Makes for a fun platter to surprise your kids to enjoy!

Heart Shaped Platter

Start with a heart shaped platter. This particular platter was 10" x 10". If you don't have a heart shaped platter you can always use a wood board, cut out a 10" heart from parchment paper, place it onto the board and use it as a guide to build your sweets heart from.

You will also need two bowls. Pick up heart shaped ramekins in different colors.

I'm Yours for Valentines! Shopping List

You will need to purchase a few items ahead of time to build your platter/s.

Shopping List

The supplies below are to make both candy platters, however you can make an individual platter for your sweetheart, if you wish!

Platter - 2 x Heart shaped platters

Bowls - 2 x Heart shaped bowls or ramekins

Bakery - Krispy Kreme 'conversation heart' donuts, Passionfruit Macaroons, Pirouline Cream filled Wafer cookies

Sweets - Conversation hearts, Marshmallow twists, Lindt Neapolitan chocolates, Cherry hearts

Platter Layout

Use the images as your guide!

Step 1: Let's begin by placing your Krispy Kreme heart donuts in the top left hand side of your heart platter

Step 2: Add 3 Macaroons to the right side curve of the heart.

Step 3: Create two rows of marshmallow twists - 1st row: 7 x marshmallows twists, 2nd row: 5 x marshmallow twists

Step 4: Line up 6 x Lindt Neapolitan chocolates

Step 5: Add 4 x Strawberry cream filled wafers

Step 6: Fill your two heart bowls with Candy hearts.

Step 7: Place your heart bowls in the center of your platter.

Step 8: Sprinkle conversation hearts on top of your candy hearts

Say "I'm Yours" with a Conversation Heart!

Sweets for your Sweet-HEART!

Wishing you all the love...

Happy Valentine's Day

Lora xoxo


***If you build - I'm Yours platter/s, please send a photo!

You will find me on instagram @ savoryplatters

Love to see it and will give a shout out ;)

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