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It's Very Greek Charcuterie Board!

Grab your BOARD'ing Pass because we are going to GREECE!

Here we go again! This time we are building an easy to make Greek Mezze Board filled with some of your Mediterranean food favorites.


... welcome to the eighth board in my travel series - A Board'ing Pass to food destinations.

This week we are checking in to Greece! Building this easy mezze board filled with an abundance of mediterranean foods like hummus, olives, pita bread and feta cheese that will bring the flavors of the islands into your home.

So, grab your board'ing pass as we take off to GREECE!

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Greece is a traveller's dream destination! It has everything you could ever want to see and more. It was a dream come true, when we had the opportunity to visit Greece a few years ago. Our trip started with three days in Athens. We only had time to see the main sights including the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus & Arch of Hadrian and the National Archaeological museum. The a flight to the largest of the Greek islands, Rhodes. Rhodes is rich in history with a large medieval castle, Palace of the Grand Master and fortress that encompasses the island. A night one must be careful when venturing off as the the roads with their high walls can be like trying to navigate through a maze.

Of course, I can't say enough about the food in Greece. Land of olives and a sea of fresh fish, Greece is also a food lovers dream!


In Greece, a mezze platter or table is made up of small dishes of either cold or hot food that is served either as an appetizer or as the main meal. A mezze table is a way of gathering with family and friends in a causal setting instead of sitting down to a formal dining table.

Meze / Mezze:

Mezze: (meh-zeh) means to taste, a bite or snack

It is also used to describe small dishes of snacks

A Greek Mediterranean Mezze Board

Let's begin...

Putting it together!

Serving: 4 - 8 people

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Items you will need:

Meats: Roasted Chicken breast

Cheese: Feta

Bread: Pita

Fruits: Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Figs

Vegetables: Mini Bell Peppers, Cucumbers

Accompaniment: Kamamta Olives, Roasted Peppers

Spreads: Hummus with olive oil, Tzatziki

Greens & Herbs: Kale, Dill, Rosemary


To begin you will need to prepare some items before boarding:

  1. Wash two kale leaves. Slice one kale leaf down the center, removing the stem.

  2. Make a Greek marinate - slice roasted peppers into strips, half the olives and cube your feta cheese. Put them all into a bowl, and drizzle olive oil if needed. Add salt & pepper to taste.

  3. Slice your roasted chicken breast in half and then fold them over into half.

  4. Slice your pita rounds into quarters.

  5. Make cucumber rounds, cut your tomatoes and mini bell peppers in halves.

  6. Slice a fig in half and then quarter them.

Mezze layout

Begin with approximately a 13" paddle board.

Step 1: Place two small bowls on the board. One bowl in the center of your platter and the second bowl beside it, to the right of the bowl.

Step 2: Place your sliced kale along the left side, following the curve of your board.

Step 3: Place a whole leaf of kale on the right side of the board, beside the bowls.

Step 4: Add your slice cucumbers following the curve of the kale leaf.

Step 5: Fill in with slice heirloom cherry tomatoes beside the cucumbers.

Step 6: Layer your folded roasted chicken in two rows. Lay them down on the kale leaves, following the curve of the platter and tucking under the bowl.

Step 7: Make 3 layers of pita pieces, placing them on top of one another, as shown.

Step 8: Place your mini pepper halves, face down showing their beautiful colors.

Step 9: Add your fig pieces and sprigs of dill on to your roasted chicken breast.

Step 10: In the center bowl, fill with your Greek marinated.

Step 11: In the second bowl, fill with hummus making a deep swirl in it. Pour olive oil into the swirl.

Step 12: The last bowl, fill with tzatziki. Add a sprig of dill into it.

Step 13: Garnish your board with a sprig of rosemary.

Mamma Mia... its a feast!


until next time...

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