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Kiwifruit Flowers

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

How to make kiwifruit flowers!

This decorative kiwifruit flower is sure to look pretty on your next platter!

One of the prettiest and easiest fruits to carve for your platters is the kiwifruit flower.

The kiwifruit flower is a wonderful fruit to add for both texture and color to any platter or graze. With its fuzzy brown outer skin (texture) and bright green fleshy inner (color), I guarantee you, your kiwifruit flowers will be a great conversation piece at your next gathering.

You will need:

  1. Kiwifruit - each kiwifruit will make 2 kiwifruit flowers

  2. Paring knife

  3. Cutting board.

I hope my step-by-step instructions and photos on how to make a kiwifruit flower will inspire you to try making them. It's a little detail that is sure to make a big impression!

How to make Kiwifruit Flowers

Let's get started! Be very careful when handling the kiwifruit and paring knife ;)

  1. Begin by placing your kiwifruit on your cutting board.

  2. Holding he top of the kiwifruit, pierce the kiwifruit with your paring knife, on a 45 degree angle until the tip of your knife touches the cutting board. This means you have made a clean cut.

  3. Make your 2nd cut approximately 1/2" away from your 1st cut.

  4. You should have 2 diagonal cuts in your kiwifruit.

  5. Continue to cut the kiwifruit every 1/2" going around the kiwifruit until there is a 1/2" space between your first cut and your last cut.

  6. You now want to flip your kiwifruit around so your cuts are now in the opposite direction.

  7. Placing the tip of your paring knife at the top of your 1st diagonal, cut on a 45 degree angle until you feel the tip of your knife touches the cutting board, creating a 'V' shape design in your kiwifruit.

  8. You should have a clear cut 'V' in your kiwifruit.

  9. Continue to go around the kiwi creating 'V' shaped cuts! It should look like a continuous row of connected ' VVVVVV '

  10. As you continue around, your kiwifruit will start to separate slightly.

  11. You can now see your 2 kiwifruit flowers appearing. If your cuts are clean and go through the kiwifruit, it will be very easy to separate.

  12. Putting your paring knife down, you can now take both ends of the kiwifruit.

  13. Slowly pull the 2 flowers apart. There should be no tugging on the kiwifruit if this has been done properly.

  14. Ta Da! You have two 'Kiwifruit Flowers'.

  15. Now you can add them to your lovely platters or grazing tables.

Impress your Guests!

Your guests will definitely be impressed by your kiwifruit flowers. I add them to most of my platters because they bring color, give texture and create dimension. It's a little touch, that will make a lasting impression with your family and friends.

Check out my blog - 'Summertime Platter' to see how I added kiwifruit flowers as a tasty and decorative touch!

*Send me photos of your kiwifruit flowers! I would love to see how you used them on your next platter or graze.

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