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Strawberry Flowers

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

How to make Strawberry flowers!

This decorative strawberry flower is sure to look pretty on your next platter!

Really easy to make, strawberry flowers look so pretty on your next platter.

The strawberry flower adds a bright color and soft texture to any platter or graze. I guarantee you, your strawberry flowers will be a great conversation piece at your next gathering.

You will need:

  1. Strawberries

  2. Paring knife

  3. Cutting board

I hope my step-by-step instructions and photos on how to make a strawberry flower will inspire you to try making them. It's a little detail that is sure to make a big impression!

How to make Strawberry Flowers

Let's get started! Be very careful when handling the strawberry and paring knife ;)

  1. Begin by placing your strawberry on your cutting board.

  2. Holding he top of the strawberry, we begin at the bottom of the strawberry and working up creating 3 rows of petals.

  3. Make your 1st slice about 1/4 of the way up from the base of your strawberry. Slice downward but not completely going through the strawberry.

  4. With the tip of your paring knife press the strawberry slice open to create a petal.

  5. Repeat 3 more times while going around the strawberry. There should be a 'V' pattern between the petals.

  6. You should have 4 petals at the base of your strawberry.

  7. In the middle, about 1/2 way up from the base of your strawberry begin a 2nd row of petals, repeating the same process. Make sure not to slice through your strawberry, you want your petal in tacked.

  8. You should have another 4 petals in the middle of your strawberry.

  9. Holding the tip of your strawberry and using the tip of your paring knife create your final row of petals. These will be very tiny.

  10. You should have 4 petals at the tip of your strawberry.

  11. You are done! You should have a total of 12 petals on your strawberry flower.

Impress your Guests!

Your guests will definitely be impressed by your strawberry flowers. Make 12 of them as a dozen red strawberry roses. Enjoy!

Check out my blog - 'Brie still my Heart' to see how I added strawberry flowers as a tasty and decorative touch!

*Send me photos of your strawberry flowers! I would love to see how you used them on your next platter or graze.

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