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Salami Roses

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

How to make Salami Roses

Decorative 'Salami Roses' will add a beautiful floral touch to your charcuterie boards!

How to make a strawberry flower

Really easy to make, salami roses are a decorative touch you can add to your next charcuterie board.

You will need:

  1. 6 salami rounds

  2. Cutting board

With my step-by-step instructions and photos for making salami roses, it is my hope that it will inspire you to try making them.

It's a little detail that is sure to make a big impression!

How to make a Salami Rose

Let's get started!

1. Begin by placing all 6 salami rounds on your cutting board.

2. Fold each salami round in half.

3. Take your first salami half and place down on your cutting board with the folded edge towards you. As your build your rose, make sure the folded side is towards you with the open edges facing away from you.

4. Take your 2nd salami half and lay it slightly to the side, overlapping your 1st salami half.

5. Your 3rd salami half, place it slightly off side to your 2nd salami half, to the left side.

6. Your 4th salami half, place it on top of the 2nd salami, halfway (right side) with the right tip extending out, as shown.

7. Take your 5th salami half and place it in on top, in the middle of your salami halves, as shown.

8. With your 6th and final salami half, place it on top of your 4th salami, as shown with my finger holding it in place , with the tip overhanging on the right side.

9. Turn your cutting board to view vertically, with the 6th salami fold (the tip) facing you as shown.

7. Starting with the tip of your 6th salami half, begin rolling your salami, making sure you are holding and rolling all the salami ends together.

8. Continue rolling, holding your salami halves tightly together.

9. Once you reach the end, tightly hold the bottom of the rose together and stand up. The folded edges should be your base of the rose, with the open edges being the petals of the rose.

Voila... you have made a Salami Rose!

* Repeat the process to make additional Salami Roses for your boards!

Your guests will definitely be impressed by your Salami Roses... Enjoy!

To make Prosciutto Rosebuds, click the image and it will link you to my page: Food Prep:

'How to make 'Prosciutto Rosebuds'

Check out my blog - 'Haute Char-couture' to see how I added my Salami Roses as a tasty and decorative touch!

*Send me photos of your Salami Roses! I would love to see how you used them on your next platter or graze.

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