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Let's Get Together and Fall In Love!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Brought together with a 'Tray of Togetherness' filled with all the

'Love' for Valentine's Day!

During the Lunar New Year, it is traditional to make a 'Tray of Togetherness' filled with sweet snacks. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not build a platter for your guests or a sweetheart that combines the sweets of the East with charcuterie and cheese from the West.

Whether you build this board for that special someone or build it to celebrate the Lunar New Year it is sure to be a wonderful surprise!

Shopping List

Treat your guests or that special someone to a colorful and fun festive board to kick of the new year or Valentine's Day!

Shopping List

Fruits - Strawberries, Cherries

Cheese - Provolone Cheese Slices

Meats - Dry Salame Rounds

Crackers - Valley Lavash Heart Crackers, Beet Crackers

Bakery - Fortune Cookies

Tray of Togetherness!

Items: Gold Chocolate Coins, Pistachios, Coconut Slices, Ginger Candy, Dates with Walnuts, Candied Mandarins, Candied Pineapple, Peanuts

Tray of Togetherness and their meanings:

Tray of Togetherness is a platter of 8 sweets and treats that families give to their family, friends and guests to welcome the Lunar New Year. Each sweet has a symbolic meaning.

Let's review the Tray of Togetherness.

8 is the luckiest of numbers so to begin, you want 8 compartments to hold your sweets. For my Tray of Togetherness, I found the cutest Valentine's baking tray with heart shapes. As it only had 6 compartments, I used two red bowls on either side of the baking tray to make up my 8!

Tray of Togetherness sweets and their meanings:

Chocolate gold coins and Gold wrapped chocolates: Symbolizes wealth and prosperity

Red Dates with Walnuts: Symbolizes good luck in every endeavor

Coconut Slices: Symbolizes family togetherness and unity

Ginger Candy: Symbolizes good health and longevity

Candied Mandarins: Symbolizes wealth and prosperity

Candied Pineapple: Symbolizes luck in business

Peanuts: Symbolizes good health and longevity

Let's Begin...

Supplies you will need:

20" round tray

Valentine hearts baking tray

2 x red bowls

*Alternative is to fill 8 paper cupcake holders

Platter Layout

Use the images as your guide!

Step 1: Fill your Valentine heart baking compartments and two bowls with the sweets outlined above

Step 2: Place 3 skewers filled with 8 salami fortunes (follow my blog - Salami fortunes in my 'Food Prep' section)

Step 3: Add strawberries along the lower curve of the platter

Step 4: Add fortune cookies along the top curve of the platter

Step 6: Make provolone heart shaped cutout (use a heart cookie cutter and cut out heart shapes from your provolone slices) and place them on top of Valley Lavash heart crackers. See as shown

Step 7: Add cherries on both sides of your crackers and cheese

Step 8: Place beet crackers beside the salami fortunes

A Tray of Togetherness filled with Love!

Wishing you all lots of love and happiness!


*** If you give this platter a try, don't forget to take a picture of it and send it me. Would love to see it and will give a shout out on my Instagram page: savoryplatters

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